Let’s talk about “Family” ! 

Let’s join us with your idea!

This is the memorable 50th Jelly in PAX Coworking, Tokyo.

We organised different taste of usual Jelly. We invited our members and friends with their family.Although their wives, children and Babbie had to be cancelled due to a flu epidemic, we discussed it deeply.

About ” Family.

<self / family-introduction including new people>

 They have children of different ages,

 “Now (2 years old), it’s really cute and I don’t want her to be grew up. I’m really miss treasure in the moment”

“I really understand that situation, but the different fantastic part will waiting for you”

 <How to be with New generation>

 “Do your children use iPhone?”

“Do you arrow them to do it?”

 Two all-time Precious things;  play outside & reading a book

 <Their idea to become familiar with BOOKS>

 Keep books with arms reach

Book for adult/ child/ babe etc…keep it together.

Do not divide! Just colorful cover be easily picked up by them, in a word, literature and encyclopedia lose the chance.

One of walls at home is a whole surface of blackboard

There are no doors at home, like a hall.

There are no game at home, but children create “playing”by  themselves.

If there are exciting space, they don’t want to say”I wanna play with game”

<kindergarten/ day-care center for children>

 There is still a word “full-time housewife” in japan, that is a amazing hardest work !

We were becoming heated … for one and half hour.

We have totally different ideas, thoughts and feeling.

That is why Jelly is Wonderful !

Jelly Saikoo!! ( VIVA Jelly!)