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Today, nana is released to the world. nana-music is a member company of PAX Coworking, and their product ‘nana’ is an awsome music collaboration application for iphone. We can sing together from your home with the people all over the world.

During the Jellyweek 2013, I will set up some siging-events worldwide with this fantastic application.

Kyo from PAX Coworking, Tokyo
Jellyweek ambassador in Asia


本日「nana」が世界でのリリースを開始しました。「nana-music」はPAX Coworkingに所属する会社の一つで、彼らのすごい音楽コラボアプリ「nana」は日本で支持を集め始めています。家にいても世界の多くの人と歌える!


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株式会社旅と平和 代表取締役。日本手食協会 理事長。
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